What is the African Climate Innovation Challenge?

We are thrilled to announce the return of the highly anticipated African Climate Innovation Challenge (ACIC) for its second cohort this year. The ACIC, jointly developed and implemented by 3 E’s 4 Africa e.V., Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) and Start.Up Lounge Africa is a project which intends to focus on the innovative minds and projects of young Africans and encourage and empower them to create a local impact in their communities and contribute to a sustainable future.

ACIC is an idea contest which challenges young Africans to come up with innovative, green ideas and helps them to develop them into real solutions.

Young Africans apply with ideas for solving environmental problems with an entrepreneurial mindset. The best 10 concepts are selected as the ACIC Cohort. They will go through an online curriculum, consisting of training and digital workshops, as well as P2P sessions between mentors and participants. This gives teams the opportunity to work on and develop their ideas further. Topics covered include environmental protection, climate change, social engagement, digital literacy, project management and business creation/management. The best projects will be invited to the African Climate Week in Nairobi as finalists where the pitch event will take place. After which the jury will select the 3 winners.

Expanding Horizons

One exciting development in this year’s cohort is that we are now accepting applications not only from Ghana but from all corners of the African continent. We believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity, and by opening up the ACIC to the entire continent, we can harness a broader range of ideas and perspectives to tackle climate change challenges collectively.

Opportunities Await

Winning teams will have the incredible opportunity to receive up to USD15,000 in prize money to bring their innovative startup ideas to life. This financial support will enable them to implement their projects and make a tangible difference in their communities. Additionally, the top 5 project ideas will be given an exclusive chance to present on a grand stage at the African Climate Summit, co-hosted by the Republic of Kenya and the African Union Commission (AUC), during the Africa Climate Week in Nairobi. It’s an awe-inspiring experience that provides a platform for these young entrepreneurs to showcase their solutions to a global audience.

Eligibility & Criteria for Selection

  • Before applying, make sure your team and yourself are willing and able to commit to the program of the ACIC
  • You should be a team of 2 – 6 people. Applications from teams with less than 2 people and more than 6 people will not be considered
  • Although not required, we specifically want to encourage female-led teams and teams with 40% – 50% female participants
  • All the members of your team must be of African descent and based in Africa
  • Existing and officially registered start-ups will not be considered
  • The idea you are applying with must be centered around climate change mitigation and/or climate change adaptation
  • All members of your team must be between 18 and 35 years old
  • All members of the team must have a good mastery of the English language

Guidance and Support

All 10 selected teams will benefit from our comprehensive incubation program, which will guide them in turning their ideas into reality. Through tailor-made curriculum and dedicated peer-to-peer mentorship, we will provide them with the necessary tools and resources to develop their startup ideas further. We believe in nurturing talent and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, empowering these young minds to navigate the challenges of climate change with confidence.

The ACIC presents a unique opportunity for young African entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact on the continent’s climate change challenges. Join us in this exciting journey as we work together to create a sustainable future for Africa and the world. Together, we can drive positive change and pave the way for a greener, more resilient tomorrow.

For more information kindly visit go to acic-org.com/about/

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