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ACIC announce Winners

The recent Africa Climate Week in Kenya announced the ACIC winners for 2023, strengthening the continent’s reputation as a hotbed of youth innovation.


  • Before applying, make sure your team and yourself are willing and able to commit to the program of the ACIC

  • You should be a team of 2 – 6 people. Applications from teams with less than 2 people and more than 6 people will not be considered

  • Although not required, we specifically want to encourage female-led teams and teams with 40% – 50% female participants

  • All the members of your team must be of African descent and based in Africa

  • Existing and officially registered start-ups will not be considered

  • The idea you are applying with must be centered around climate change mitigation and/or climate change adaptation

  • All members of your team must be between 18 and 35 years old

  • All members of the team must have a good mastery of the English language


Join the young Africans creating impact in their communities.


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Let’s prepare you to change your community.

We empower young Africans to create impact in their communities.

Learn about the modules we use in solving sustainability challenges through entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Learn about the people and initiatives that are benefiting from our competition, who they are, and what they are doing.

  • Bees in Trees by Agridat Ventres, 1st Prize Winner of ACAIC 2022.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Products from Organic Waste by Fibre Trans-Waste, 2nd Prize Winner of ACAIC 2022.
  • Waste Separation on Rivers & Recycling by The Waste Gobbler, 3rd Prize Winner of ACAIC 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the African Climate Innovative Challenge (ACIC)?2023-05-24T14:58:25+00:00

The African Climate Innovation Challenge (ACIC) which is jointly developed and implemented by 3 E’s 4 Africa, Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) and StartUp Lounge Africa is a project which intends to focus on the innovative minds and projects of young Africans and encourage and empower them to create a local impact in their communities. It is an idea contest which challenges young Africans to come up with innovative, green ideas and helps them to develop them into real solutions.  Young Africans apply with ideas for solving environmental problems with an entrepreneurial mindset. The best 10 concepts are selected as the ACIC Cohort. They will go through an online curriculum, consisting of training and digital workshops, as well as P2P sessions between mentors and participants. This gives teams the opportunity to work on and develop their ideas further. Topics covered include environmental protection, climate change, social engagement, digital literacy, project management and business creation/management. The top 5 projects will be invited to the African Climate Week in Nairobi as finalists where the pitch event will take place. After the pitch event, the jury will select the 3 winners. Each winner will receive a considerable prize money dedicated to support them in the direct implementation of their idea in the community.

What is the objective of the challenge?2023-05-24T14:57:17+00:00
  1. Empower youth and local communities in Africa by providing them not only with entrepreneurship skills, but also with the tools and knowledge they need to create local impact.
  2. Help African communities build resilience and adapt to the adverse effects of climate change locally.
  3. Addressing and solving sustainability-related challenges through entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa.
What innovations/solutions qualify for the ACIC?2023-05-24T14:55:56+00:00

Any innovative and/or relevant solution which strives to help your community mitigate climate change or to enable your community to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change qualifies for the ACIC. For example:

    1. an idea which proposes a solution or enables farmers to deal with the harsh weather conditions (e.g. longer droughts periods) would qualify as a climate change adaptation solution;
    2. an idea which proposes a solution or enables people in your community to reduce CO2 or methane emissions would qualify as a climate change mitigation solution.
How can my team and I participate in the African Climate Innovative Challenge?2023-05-24T14:54:25+00:00

Please fill in the application form before the deadline. In filling the form, please take your time and carefully answer the questions completely. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Which countries can participate in the African Climate Innovative Challenge?2023-05-24T14:52:57+00:00

The ACIC this year is open to all African countries. Teams applying must therefore be based in Africa. Please keep in mind that the whole program of the ACIC will be in English.

“The ACAIC has equipped me with knowledge in Climate Change Innovations and Entrepreneurship. It enabled us to start a business in beekeeping and honey production which has created employment for ourselves and others.

As a community, a new skill has been introduced which has created an alternative source of livelihoods for the rural households.”

David Djangmah Tawiah, Agridat Ventures

“I expected a competition where participants share their ideas and the best team wins. Beyond my expectation, ACAIC came with perspective training and a curriculum to guide participants shape our ideas better. It was the first time I have won an award for an idea my team developed, and it has fueled my passion to go out there and make the change I want to see.”

Leticia Naa Adu Darko, Fibre Trans-waste

“The ACAIC has been instrumental in catapulting our vision of a solution for the betterment of society, transcending its existence within the confines of a notebook and breathing life into reality. The training and funding proved to be the precise catalysts we required to propel forward. We find ourselves actively involving community members, entities like the EPA, and other stakeholders for the next phase.”

Noah Badolyin Bugre, The Waste Gobbler Project Team
“I really appreciate the whole learning process that took place in last year’s ACAIC. The experience challenged me to devote more time to building my product, and today, we have a working and final product. I believe this opportunity will inspire more entrepreneurs to do better for their startups.

Thank you so much for this great opportunity.”

Faith Chuby Labija, 2C PADS
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